Mortgage Life vs. Term Life Insurance

Do I Really Need It? As homeowners, with a variety of obligations and responsibilities, we know that insurance is an important tool to have in our belt. One of the worst feelings we can have is worrying about the financial burden that our homes can have on our loved ones in the event that we … Continued

Knowing Your Trigger Rate and Trigger Point

Are you a homeowner in the Niagara Region with a variable-rate mortgage? If so, you’ve probably heard of the impact that trigger rates and trigger points are having on homeowners across the country. As the Bank of Canada continues to raise interest rates in Canada, it’s become increasingly important for homeowners with variable-rate mortgages to … Continued

Accelerated Mortgage Payments Make a Difference

Know Your Options Determining your payment frequency type is essential when solidifying your mortgage plans. Knowing all of your options can have a major impact on your long term payment strategy and the overall cost of your mortgage. This is when hiring a mortgage broker that you can trust comes into play.  Payment Frequency Types … Continued

Should first-time homebuyers in Niagara be concerned about Mortgage Default Insurance?

If you haven’t heard of Mortgage Default Insurance before and you’re a first-time homebuyer in Niagara, don’t worry, you’re not alone and I’m here to help explain what this is. Mortgage Default Insurance is often overlooked but can have a major impact on the overall cost of your mortgage. This type of insurance protects the … Continued

Why Are Canadians Considering Refinancing in 2022?

The last two years of the pandemic have significantly shifted the economic landscape of the real estate industry in Canada. While the prices of homes have seen dramatic increases and decreases, so too have mortgage rates. These monumental economic shifts haven’t only been seen in the real estate industry – but also in other markets … Continued

Know Your Borrowing Value, Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval? Pre-approvals are becoming more and more desirable for many prospective homebuyers across Canada. Simply put, a Mortgage Pre-Approval indicates that a Lender has assessed your financial situation and has subsequently qualified you for an amount of money to borrow for the purchase of a home. It’s a win-win situation for … Continued

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