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Pre-approvals enable home buyers to get ahead of the game. Pre-approvals don’t only reduce stress for you as a home buyer – they also help your mortgage broker identify whether or not a home is going to suit your financial profile. When you acquire a pre-approval as a future home buyer, you’re putting a plan in place months in advance that will ease the process when it comes time to buy. Ultimately, Kevin is here to help you with the process so that you have all of the tools you need when house hunting.

Having the foresight to obtain a pre-approval in advance gives you the time you need to address factors on your application that might be time sensitive. For example, without a pre-approval, you might only have a 5-day condition-of-finance window to raise your credit or to speak with a family member for a co-applicant process. It’s best to have the discussion preceding a co-applicant process, so that you can obtain and compile any required documents that you may need. When going through these necessary steps in advance, you get a better idea of how your application will be reviewed by potential lenders. These lenders will underwrite your mortgage when the time comes, and acquiring a pre-approval gives you a higher likelihood of being approved when it comes time to buy.

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